Question: For each of the following entities identify the objectives of

For each of the following entities, identify the objectives of financial reporting that the entity's managers might have. In answering, consider who the stakeholders might be and which stakeholder(s) would be most important to the managers. Explain how the objectives of financial reporting would influence the accounting choices made by the managers.
a. A private company with a large labour union that is preparing for negotiations with the union.
b. An accounting firm partnership that uses accounting income to determine the amount of tax the partners pay and the compensation the partners receive.
c. A private corporation that repairs commercial vehicles. The company has one share holder who is also president of the company. The company urgently needs cash.
d. A public company planning to borrow a large amount of money to finance an
e. A not-for-profit golf club. Membership fees, green fees, dining room charges, and pro shop sales are used to operate the club. Club members are elected to sit on the board of directors of the club.

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