Question: For each of the following examples decide whether x is

For each of the following examples, decide whether x is a binomial random variable and explain your decision:
a. A manufacturer of computer chips randomly selects 100 chips from each hour’s production in order to estimate the proportion of defectives. Let x represent the number of defectives in the 100 chips sampled.
b. Of five applicants for a job, two will be selected. Although all applicants appear to be equally qualified, only three have the ability to fulfill the expectations of the company. Suppose that the two selections are made at random from the five applicants, and let x be the number of qualified applicants selected.
c. A software developer establishes a support hot line for customers to call in with questions regarding use of the software. Let x represent the number of calls received on the hot line during a specified workday.
d. Florida is one of a minority of states with no state income tax. A poll of 1,000 registered voters is conducted to determine how many would favor a state income tax in light of the state’s current fiscal condition. Let x be the number in the sample who would favor the tax.

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