Question: For each of the following independent situations indicate the type

For each of the following independent situations, indicate the type of financial statement audit report that you would issue and briefly explain your reasoning. Assume that all companies mentioned are private companies and that each item is at least material.
a. Barefield Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sandy, Inc., is audited by another CPA firm. As the auditor of Sandy, Inc., you have assured yourself of the other CPA firm’s independence and professional reputation. However, you are unwilling to take complete responsibility for its audit work.
b. The management of Bonner Corporation has decided to exclude the statement of cash flows from its financial statements because it believes that its bankers do not find the statement to be very useful.
c. You are auditing Diverse Carbon, a manufacturer of nerve gas for the military, for the year ended September 30. On September 1, one of its manufacturing plants caught fire, releasing nerve gas into the surrounding area. Two thousand people were killed and numerous others paralyzed. The company’s legal counsel indicates that the company is liable and that the amount of the liability can be reasonably estimated, but the company refuses to disclose this information in the financial statements.
d. During your audit of Cuccia Coal Company, the controller, Tracy Tricks, refuses to allow you to confirm accounts receivable because she is concerned about complaints from her customers. You are unable to satisfy yourself about accounts receivable by other audit procedures and you are concerned about Tracy’s true motives.
e. On January 31, Asare Toy Manufacturing hired your firm to audit the company’s financial statements for the prior year. You were unable to observe the client’s inventory on December 31. However, you were able to satisfy yourself about the inventory balance using other auditing procedures.
f. Gelato Bros., Inc., leases its manufacturing facility from a partnership con-trolled by the chief executive officer and major shareholder of Gelato. Your review of the lease indicates that the rental terms are in excess of rental terms for similar buildings in the area. The company refuses to disclose this related- party transaction in the footnotes.
g. Johnstone Manufacturing Company has used the double- declining balance method to depreciate its machinery. During the current year, management switched to the straight- line method because it felt that it better represented the utilization of the assets. You concur with its decision. All information is adequately disclosed in the financial statements.

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