For each of the following independent situations indicate the type
For each of the following independent situations, indicate the type of report on ICFR you would issue. Justify your report choice.
a. Hansen, Inc., has restated previously issued financial statements to reflect the correction of a misstatement.
b. Shu & Han Engineering does not have effective oversight of the entity’s external financial reporting.
c. Kim Semiconductor has an ineffective audit committee.
d. The internal audit function at Smith Components, a very large manufacturing company, was ineffective. The entity’s auditor has determined that the internal audit function needed to be effective in order for the entity to have an effective monitoring component.
e. The auditors of Benron identified significant financial statement fraud by the entity’s chief financial officer.
f. Conroy Trucking Company has an ineffective control environment.
g. Edwards & Eddins, CPAs, communicated significant deficiencies to Waste Disposal’s management and the audit committee for the last two years. At the end of the current year, these significant deficiencies remain uncorrected.

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