Question: For each of the following situations state which type of

For each of the following situations, state which type of sampling plan was used. Explain whether you think the sampling plan would result in a biased sample.
a. To survey the opinions of its customers, an airline company made a list of all its flights and randomly selected 25 flights. All of the passengers on those flights were asked to fill out a survey.
b. A pollster interested in opinions on gun control divided a city into city blocks, then surveyed the third house to the west of the southeast corner of each block. If the house was divided into apartments, the westernmost ground floor apartment was selected. The pollster conducted the survey during the day, but left a notice for those who were not at home to phone her so she could interview them.
c. To learn how its employees felt about higher student fees imposed by the legislature, a university divided employees into three categories: staff, faculty, and student employees. A random sample was selected from each group and they were telephoned and asked for their opinions.
d. A large store wanted to know if consumers would be willing to pay slightly higher prices to have computers available throughout the store to help them locate items. The store posted an interviewer at the door and told her to collect a sample of 100 opinions by asking the next person who came in the door each time she had finished an interview.

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