Question: For each of the following situations tell whether a Pareto

For each of the following situations, tell whether a Pareto diagram, an chart, an R chart, or a percentage chart would be the most helpful. Give a reason for your choice.
a.* Your workers all want to be helpful, but they can’t seem to agree on which problems to solve first.
b.* Some of the engines come off the line with too much oil, and others come off with too little. Something has to be done to control the differences from one to the next.
c. The gears being produced are all pretty much the same size in each batch, but they tend to be consistently too large compared to the desired specification.
d. Management would like to track the rate at which defective candy coatings are produced.
e. You would like to understand the limits of variation of the machinery so that you can set it to fill each bottle just a tiny bit more than the amount claimed on the label.
f. Usually, you pay the bills on time, but a small fraction of them slip through the system and are paid late with a penalty. You’d like to keep an eye on this to see if things are getting worse.

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