Question: For each of the following subsequent post balance sheet events indicate whether

For each of the following subsequent (post-balance-sheet) events, indicate whether a company should
(a) Adjust the financial statements,
(b) Disclose in notes to the financial statements, or
(c) Neither adjust nor disclose.
______ 1. Settlement of federal tax case at a cost considerably in excess of the amount expected at year-end
______ 2. Introduction of a new product line
______ 3. Loss of assembly plant due to fire
______ 4. Sale of a significant portion of the company’s assets
______ 5. Retirement of the company president
______ 6. Issuance of a significant number of shares of common stock
______ 7. Loss of a significant customer
______ 8. Prolonged employee strike
______ 9. Material loss on a year-end receivable because of a customer’s bankruptcy
______ 10. Hiring of a new president
______ 11. Settlement of prior year’s litigation against the company
______ 12. Merger with another company of comparable size

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