Question: For each of the situations described state whether the sampling

For each of the situations described, state whether the sampling procedure is simple random sampling, stratified random sampling, cluster sampling, systematic sampling, or convenience sampling.
a. All first-year students at a university are enrolled in 1 of 30 sections of a seminar course. To select a sample of freshmen at this university, a researcher selects four sections of the seminar course at random from the 30 sections and all students in the four selected sections are included in the sample.
b. To obtain a sample of students, faculty, and staff at a university, a researcher randomly selects 50 faculty members from a list of faculty, 100 students from a list of students, and 30 staff members from a list of staff.
c. A university researcher obtains a sample of students at his university by using the 85 students enrolled in his Psychology 101 class.
d. To obtain a sample of the seniors at a particular high school, a researcher writes the name of each senior on a slip of paper, places the slips in a box and mixes them, and then selects 10 slips. The students whose names are on the selected slips of paper are included in the sample.
e. To obtain a sample of those attending a basketball game, a researcher selects the 24th person through the door. Then, every 50th person after that is also included in the sample.

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