Question: For each of the situations listed identify the primary standard

For each of the situations listed, identify the primary standard from the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice that is violated (competence, confidentiality, integrity, or credibility.)
1. Cedric and Marc work at the same company. Cedric, the manager of a production department, buys lunch for Marc, who works in Accounting. Marc is preparing the monthly projections for the various production departments and Cedric wants Marc to be conservative in his estimates of variable costs so that Cedric is more likely to ­obtain funding for an upcoming project.
2. Tomas’ company has signed him up for outside training on operating leverage and cost structures. Tomas decides to skip the training, figuring that he already does his job well and does not need continuing education.
3. Heather provides reports to key decision makers based on CVP assumptions despite knowing that the decision makers are looking at situations that would be outside of the company’s current relevant range.
4. Kara works in Accounting at a chain of car dealerships. Her best friend, Nikki, is look-ing for a new car. Kara shares the actual dealer variable cost of the model with Nikki so that Nikki can negotiate a better deal.
5. Gayle is an accountant for BuySmart, a cooperative grocery chain. Gayle prepares internal reports with the breakeven volumes for each division listed. She does not explain ( or provide disclosure) that the breakeven numbers listed are based on the sales mix from the past year even though the sales mix is expected to change this year. If the sales mix during the current year were to change, breakeven volumes would be significantly impacted. ETHICS

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