For each of the transactions below indicate which accounts are
For each of the transactions below, indicate which accounts are affected and whether they are increased or decreased:
a. Sold shares for cash.
b. Borrowed money from a bank.
c. Bought equipment from a supplier on credit.
d. Bought inventory from a supplier, partly for cash and partly on account.
e. Sold inventory to a customer on account.
f. Made a payment on an account owing to a supplier.
g. Received a payment from a customer on account.
h. Bought supplies for cash.
i. Declared and paid a dividend.
j. Accrued the interest on the money that was borrowed in transaction “b” (that is, recognized the interest but did not pay it).
k. Paid for the equipment that was purchased on credit in transaction “c.”
l. Used some of the supplies that were purchased in transaction “h.”
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