For each transaction 1 Analyze the transaction using the accounting
For each transaction,
(1) Analyze the transaction using the accounting equation,
(2) Record the transaction in journal entry form,
(3) Post the entry using T-accounts to represent ledger accounts.
Use the following (partial) chart of accounts—account numbers in parentheses: Cash (101); Accounts Receivable (106); Office Supplies (124); Trucks (153); Equipment (167); Accounts Payable (201); Unearned Landscaping Revenue (236); D. Tyler, Capital (301); D. Tyler, Withdrawals (302); Landscaping Revenue (403); Wages Expense (601), and Landscaping Expense (696).
a. On May 15, DeShawn Tyler opens a landscaping company called Elegant Lawns by investing $7,000 in cash along with equipment having a $3,000 value.
b. On May 21, Elegant Lawns purchases office supplies on credit for $500.
c. On May 25, Elegant Lawns receives $4,000 cash for performing landscaping services.
d. On May 30, Elegant Lawns receives $1,000 cash in advance of providing landscaping services to a customer.
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