For each transaction identify the appropriate section on the statement
For each transaction, identify the appropriate section on the statement of cash flows to report the transaction. Choose from: Cash flows from operating activities (O), Cash flows from investing activities (I), Cash flows from financing activities (F), or Is not reported on the statement of cash flows (X). If reported on the statement, decide whether the transaction should be shown as a positive cash flow (+) or a negative cash flow (–):
a. The business received cash from the issuance of common stock.
b. Paid cash on accounts payable for office supplies purchased.
c. Performed services for a customer on account.
d. Cash dividends were paid to stockholders.
e. Received cash from a customer for services performed.
f. Purchased equipment with cash.
g. Paid rent for the month.
h. Purchased land; signed a note payable.
i. Paid employees wages for the week.
j. Incurred utility expense on account.

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