Question: For Exercises 13 15 and 21 in Section 10 1 find

For Exercises 13, 15, and 21 in Section 10–1, find the mean of the x and y variables. Then substitute the mean of the x variable into the corresponding regression line equations found in Exercises 13, 15, and 21 in this section and find y’. Compare the value of y’ with  for each exercise. Generalize the results.
Exercise 13:
The yearly data have been published showing the number of releases for each of the commercial movie studios and the gross receipts for those studios thus far. Based on these data, can it be concluded that there is a relationship between the number of releases and the gross receipts?
Exercise 15:
The director of an alumni association for a small college wants to determine whether there is any type of relationship between the amount of an alumnus’s contribution (in dollars) and the years the alumnus has been out of school. The data follow.
Exercise 21:
The number of faculty and the number of students are shown for a random selection of small colleges. Is there a significant relationship between the two variables? Switch x and y and repeat the process. Which do you think is really the independent variable?

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