Question: For Figure 11 3 a Indicate the sequence of activities by

For Figure 11.3:
a. Indicate the sequence of activities by putting numbers next to the data flows. For example, the “Sales order notification” in the upper left of the diagram would be number “1.” Restart the numbers for each bubble. Assign the same number to simultaneous data flows. For example, “Invoice” and “GL invoice update” coming out of bubble 1.0 should get the same number.
b. For each process bubble, indicate, by placing a “T” on the flow, the flow that triggers the processing activities. For example, “Shipping’s billing notification” is flow T2 for bubble 1.0.
c. In a separate narrative describe: 
The activities in each process bubble 
Each flow, including its purpose, into and out of the data stores and to and from each process 
Each data store’s major elements

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