Question: For five years Chaple an accountant licensed by the state

For five years, Chaple, an accountant licensed by the state of Georgia, provided accounting services to Roberts and several corporations in which Roberts was an officer and shareholder (collectively called Roberts). During this period, Roberts provided Chaple with confidential information with the expectation that this information would not be disclosed to third parties. Georgia statutes provide for an accountant – client privilege. When the IRS began investigating Roberts, Chaple, voluntarily and without being subject to a subpoena, released some of this confidential information about Roberts to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Roberts sued Chaple, seeking an injunction to prevent further disclosure, requesting return of all information in Chaple’s possession, and seeking monetary damages. Who wins? Roberts v. Chaple, 369 S. E. 2d 482, 1988 Ga. App. Lexis 554 (Court of Appeals of Georgia)

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