For problem 9 18 find which if any of the three
For problem 9–18, find which, if any, of the three prototype planes has an average range different from the others. Use α = 0.05.
In problem Gulfstream Aerospace Company produced three different prototypes as candidates for mass production as the company's newest large-cabin business jet, the Gulfstream IV. Each of the three prototypes has slightly different features, which may bring about differences in performance. Therefore, as part of the decision-making process concerning which model to produce, company engineers are interested in determining whether the three proposed models have about the same average flight range. Each of the models is assigned a random choice of 10 flight routes and departure times, and the flight range on a full standard fuel tank is measured (the planes carry additional fuel on the test flights, to allow them to land safely at certain destination points). Range data for the three prototypes, in nautical miles (measured to the nearest 10 miles), are as follows.
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