Question: For several years Thorndike Sports Equipment has been a minority

For several years, Thorndike Sports Equipment has been a minority stockholder in the Snow Kingdom Ski Resort and Conference Center. The Thorn dikes visit Snow Kingdom several times each winter to meet with management and find out how business is going. In addition, the visits give them a chance for informal discussions with customers and potential customers of Thorndike ski clothing and equipment. Luke claims that many good product ideas have been inspired by a warm drink in the Snow Kingdom lodge.
On their current visit, Ted and Luke are asked by Snow Kingdom management to lend a hand in analyzing some data that might help in predicting how many customers to expect on any given day. Overall business has been rather steady over the past several years, but the daily customer count seems to have ups and downs. The people at Snow Kingdom are curious as to what factors might be causing the seemingly random levels of patronage from one day to the next.
In response to Ted’s request, management supplies data for a random sample of 30 days over the past two seasons. The information includes the number of skiers, the high temperature (degrees Fahrenheit), the number of inches of snow on the ground at noon, and whether the day fell on a weekend (1 = weekend, 0 = weekday). Data are shown here and are also in file THORN16.
Using multiple regression and correlation analysis, do you think this information appears to be helpful in explaining the level of daily patronage at Snow Kingdom? Help Ted in interpreting the associated computer printout for an upcoming presentation to the Snow Kingdom management.

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