Question: For the case U S v Bonnie Bain address the

For the case U. S. v. Bonnie Bain, address the following:
1. Why was the investigation conducted by BB& T limited in scope to its internal documents and interviews of its employees?
2. Why did the BB& T investigators make observations and present information favorable to Ms. Bain’s defense?
3. Why was Ms. Bain put on paid administrative leave?
4. What is the difference between a “Preponderance of the evidence” and “beyond a reasonable doubt”?
5. Did the BB& T investigators expect to have their ­report submitted to the court, and thus subject to FRCP 26 provisions?
6. What constitutes the presentation of an expert opinion in a legally sufficient manner?
7. How certain must an expert’s opinion is? What is the difference between plausible, possible, and probable?
8. What is meant by sufficient facts or data?
9. What is reliable methodology?
10. Did the forensic accountant expect to have his report submitted to the court?

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