For the fertility data in the previous exercise, MINITAB reports the stem-and-leaf plot shown below. (You can ignore the cumulative counts in the left column if your instructor has not explained this feature of a MINITAB stem-and-leaf plot.)
a. Explain how this plot was formed using the data in the table.
b. The plot shows one observation that stands out from the others. Identify it.
c. Sketch a dot plot. Identify the observation that stands out from the others.
d. Sketch the histogram that has a bar at each value that has a stem in this stem-and-leaf plot (i.e., bars at 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, . . . , 2.4). Explain how it also highlights the observation that stands out.
Stem-and-leaf of Fertility Rate N _ 18
Leaf Unit = 0.010

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