Question: For the follow situations indicate whether a rule of the

For the follow situations indicate whether a rule of the AICPA Code of Conduct applies, if yes, which rule, whether the rule has been violated, and why or why not.
a. Walker, CPA, is purchasing a home and has received a large mortgage, under normal lending procedures, with a bank that is an audit client, however, the mortgage amount is material to him.
b. Logan, CPA, accepted as an audit client a modeling agency that signs up and places models primarily using internet interactions. Logan has never audited a modeling agency before.
c. Letch worth and Miller, a local CPA firm, advertised that its audits will always save clients money because the increased efficiencies resulting from audit recommendations will be more than the audit fee.
d. The firm of Masser & Masser disclosed confidential client information during the course of its inspection by the PCAOB
e. Jiggs, CPA, always sets audit fees that are contingent on the number of hours it takes to perform the audit.
f. Srygley, CPA pays an attorney, Bill Suttle, a “finder’s fee” if Suttle refers a company to him that becomes an audit client.
g. Cutter and Gaspar, CPA, are having some cash shortages because they recently remodeled their offices. Consequently, they issued an unqualified financial statement audit opinion as a result of an integrated audit even though they concluded some of the accounting treatments were not GAAP. They were concerned that if they issued anything other than an unqualified opinion they would lose the client.
h. A local CPA firm is named “Best Buy Audits.”

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