For the following cases indicate whether we re dealing with time
For the following cases, indicate whether we’re dealing with time series data or cross-sectional data.
a. Responses to a survey conducted on May 30 of this year
b. Diameters of 25 units sampled at 3 o’clock today
c. GNP for each of the past 15 years
d. Ages of the workers currently working at Company ABC
e. Semester-by-semester college enrollment figures from 2000 to the present
f. Theater receipts for the 10 most popular movies on the first weekend in May
g. Attendance at Major League Baseball games on opening day, 2014
h. Executive salaries at General Motors for each of the past 25 years
i. Housing starts by geographical region for the last quarter
j. Total days you overslept your 8 A.M. class last term
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