Question: For the following identify the inferential procedure to perform and

For the following, identify the inferential procedure to perform and the key information for answering the research question. If no inferential procedure is appropriate, indicate why.
(a) Ten students are tested for accuracy of distance estimation when using one or both eyes.
(b) We determine that the average number of cell phone calls in a sample of college students is 7.2 per hour. We want to describe the likely national average (p) for this population.
(c) We compare children who have siblings to those who do not, rank ordering the children in terms of their willingness to share their toys.
(d) Two gourmet chefs have rank ordered the 10 best restaurants in town. How consistently do they agree?
(e) We measure the influence of sleep deprivation on driving performance for groups having 4 or 8 hours sleep.
(f) We test whether wearing black uniforms produces more aggression by comparing the mean number of penalties a hockey team receives per game when wearing black to the league average for teams with non-black uniforms.

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