For the following specify which descriptive and inferential procedures should
For the following, specify which descriptive and inferential procedures should be performed, explain what is being compared, and identify the key to answering the researcher’s question.
(a) A researcher measures a group of participants using standard tests of “social nervousness” and “introversion” to determine if introversion is a good predictor of nervousness. (Scores are interval scores.)
(b) The average worker at a calculator plant can assemble 106 calculators in his or her first hour of work. During their final hour, a sample of workers produced an average of only 97.4 calculators (sX = 17.3). Should we conclude that performance decreases during the final hour for all workers?
(c) For 20 years the basketball coach recorded his team’s performance when making free throws, with µ = 71.1 and σX = 14.2. A sports psychologist trained 20 players on this year’s team to visualize each shot beforehand. They shot an average of 77.6 for the year. Is visualization a way to improve the performance of all players?
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