Question: For the third quarter of the year Johnson Company 415

For the third quarter of the year, Johnson Company, 415 Circle Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60652, received Form 941 from the Internal Revenue Service. The identification number of Johnson Company is 91- 4213171. Its payroll for the quarter ended September 30 is as follows:

The company has had six employees throughout the year. Assume that the FICA Social Security (employer) rate is 6.2 percent and the FICA Social Security (employee) rate is 4.2 percent on the first $ 106,800 and that the Medicare tax is 1.45 percent of all earnings. The employer matches the employees’ FICA Medicare taxes. There are no taxable tips, adjustments, backup withholding, or earned income credits. Johnson Company has submitted the following federal tax deposits and written the accompanying checks:

Complete Part 1 of Form 941 for the third quarter for JohnsonCompany.
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