For which of the following would a government typically use a Debt Service Fund?
1. Repayment of term bonds issued to finance construction of a general government office building.
2. Amounts paid to settle long-term claims and judgments liabilities associated with general government operations.
3. Accumulation of resources to be used to repay zero coupon bonds issued to finance construction of a courtroom annex.
4. Payments required by general government capital leases.
5. Repayment of general government special assessment debt that the government does not guarantee and for which it is not obligated in any other manner.
6. Payment upon retirement to a general government employee of an amount reported as a long-term vacation pay liability in the General Long-Term Liabilities accounts.
7. Repayment of general obligation bonds issued for Enterprise Fund purposes. Enterprise Fund revenues are intended to be used to service the debt.
8. Repayment (from bond proceeds) of bond anticipation notes issued for a general government capital project.

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