Fourteen of the 16 infants in the Yale study elected to play with a toy resembling the helpful figure as opposed to one resembling the hindering figure. Is this convincing evidence that infants tend to prefer the helpful figure? Use the Simulating the Probability of Head with a Fair Coin applet to investigate the approximate likelihood of the observed results of 14 out of 16 infants choosing the helpful figure, if in fact infants are indifferent between the two figures. To perform a simulation, set n = 1, push the flip button 16 times and observe how often you obtain a head out of 16 tosses. Repeat this simulation for a total of 10 simulations. Out of the 10 simulations, how often did you obtain 14 or more heads out of 16 tosses? Are your results convincing evidence that infants actually tend to exhibit a preference?

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