Question: Fred has a PAP with the following coverages Liability coverages

Fred has a PAP with the following coverages:
Liability coverages: $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 Medical payments coverage: $5000 each person Uninsured motorists coverage: $25,000 each person Collision loss: $250 deductible Other-than-collision loss: $100 deductible With respect to each of the following situations, indicate whether the loss is covered and the amount payable, if any, under the policy. Assume that each situation is a separate event.
a. Fred's son, age 16, is driving a family car, runs a red light, and kills a pedestrian. The family of the deceased pedestrian sues and damages are awarded in the amount of $500,000.
b. Fred borrows a friend's car to go to the supermarket. He fails to stop at a red light and negligently smashes into another motorist. The other driver's car, valued at $15,000, is totally destroyed. In addition, repairs to the friend's car are $5000.
c. Fred's daughter, Heather, attends college in another state and drives a family auto. Heather lets her boyfriend drive the car, and he negligently injures another motorist. The boyfriend is sued for $50,000.
d. Fred's wife is driving a family car in a snowstorm. She loses control of the car on an icy street and smashes into the foundation of a house. The property damage to the house is $30,000. The damage to the family car is $8000. Fred's wife has medical expenses of $5000.
e. Fred is walking across a street and is struck by a motorist who fails to stop. He has bodily injuries in the amount of $15,000.
f. Fred's car is being repaired for faulty brakes. While road testing the car, a mechanic injures another motorist and is sued for $50,000.
g. Fred's car hits a cow crossing a highway. The cost of repairing the car is $2500.
h. A thief breaks a car window and steals a camera and golf clubs locked in the car. It will cost $400 to replace the damaged window. The stolen property is valued at $500.
i. Fred's wife goes shopping at a supermarket. When she returns, she finds that the left rear fender has been damaged by another driver who did not leave a name. The cost of repairing the car is $2000.
j. Fred works for a construction company. While driving a large cement truck, he negligently injures another motorist. The injured motorist sues Fred for $25,000.
k. Fred's son drives a family car on a date. He gets drunk, and his girlfriend drives him home. The girlfriend negligently injures another motorist, who has bodily injuries in the amount of $200,000.
l. Compact discs (CDs) valued at $500 are stolen from Fred's car. The car was locked when the theft occurred.
m. While driving a rented golf cart, Fred accidentally injures another golfer with the cart.

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