Question: From an ethical perspective some believe that it is never

From an ethical perspective, some believe that it is never justifiable for an individual or business to declare bankruptcy. Others believe that some actions are appropriate only in extreme circumstances. Without question, as stated in the Journal of Accountancy, November 2005, page 51, "the ease with which debtors have been able to walk away from debt has frustrated creditors for years."
1. Describe the differences between Chapter 7 (liquidations) and Chapter 11 (reorganizations) from an ethical standpoint. Who is most likely to be hurt by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
2. Discuss the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Do you believe the changes wrought by this act will serve to protect creditors?
3. The Protection Act of 2005 requires individuals, but not businesses, to undergo a "means" test before they can seek Chapter 7 relief. Do you believe this change should be applied to businesses as well? Why or why not?

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