Question: From the box and whisker diagrams in Figure 9 3 1 it looks like

From the box-and-whisker diagrams in Figure 9.3-1, it looks like the means of X1 and X2 could be equal and also that the means of X3, X4, and X5 could be equal but different from the first two.
(a) Using the data in Example 9.3-2, as well as a t test and an F test, test H0: μ1 = μ2 against a two-sided alternative hypothesis. Let α = 0.05. Do the F and t tests give the same result?
(b) Using the data in Example 9.3-2, test H0: μ3 = μ4 = μ5. Let α = 0.05.
In Exercise 9.3-2

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