From the Florida State Center for Health Statistics report Women and Cardiovascular Disease Hospitalization, we obtained the following frequency distribution showing who paid for the hospitalization of female cardiovascular patients between the ages of 0 and 64 years in Florida during one year.
Payer Frequency
Medicare .......... 9,983
Medicaid .......... 8,142
Private insurance ...... 26,825
Other government ....... 1,777
Self pay/charity ....... 5,512
Other ........... 150
For one of these cases selected at random, let
A = event that Medicare paid the bill,
B = event that some government agency paid the bill,
C = event that private insurance did not pay the bill, and
D = event that the bill was paid by the patient or by a charity.
Describe each of the following events in words and determine the number of outcomes that constitute each event.
a. (A or D)
b. (not C)
c. (B & (not A))
d. (not (C or D))

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