Question: From the following transactions prepare a statement of cash flows

From the following transactions, prepare a statement of cash flows for Emory Inc. in the proper form. The company began the year with a cash balance of $25,000. Describe and evaluate the company’s cash management activities during the year.
1. Borrowed $30,000 from a bank, signing a long-term note.
2. Performed services for $45,000, receiving $40,000 in cash and a $5,000 receivable.
3. Incurred expenses of $34,000; paid $23,000 in cash and $11,000 is still payable.
4. Purchased equipment for $28,000; paid $23,000 in cash and signed a long-term note payable for the remainder.
5. Paid the shareholders a dividend in an amount that ensured an ending cash balance of $25,000.

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