Question: Garden Manufacturing is a small family owned garden tool manufacturer located

Garden Manufacturing is a small, family-owned garden tool manufacturer located in Florence, South Carolina. The bills of materials for models A and B of a popular garden tool are shown in Exhibit 13.19 and other additional component information is shown in Exhibit 13.20. There is considerable component part commonality between these two models, as shown by the BOM.
The MPS calls for 100 units of Tool A to be completed in week 5 and 200 units of Tool A to be completed in week 7. End-item A has a 2-week lead time. The MPS calls for 300 units of Tool B to be completed in week 7. End-item B has a 1-week lead time. Do an MRP explosion for all items required to make these two garden tools. What actions, if any, should be taken immediately and what other potential problems do you see?
Exhibit 13.20 Component part information

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