Question: GE Oil Gas Inc is a company that manufactures

GE Oil & Gas, Inc., is a company that manufactures gas compressors. Berge Helene owns a large barge that it leases to oil companies for purposes of storing and producing petroleum offshore. GE Oil & Gas sold Berge Helene gas compressors that were to be used on the barge. Berge Helene representatives asked GE representatives, as they were negotiating the contract for the compressors, whether the compressors could withstand the movement and vibration that would occur on the front of the barge once it was out in the ocean. GE’s representatives assured those from Berge Helene that the compressors were self-stabilizing. Once out in the ocean, the gas compressors on the hull exploded once the vibrations began. Berge Helene brought suit against GE for the resulting crew injuries and damage to the barge. Could Berge Helene recover and, if so, what theory of product liability would apply? [Berge Helene Ltd. v. GE Oil & Gas, Inc., 830 F. Supp. 2d 235 (S.D. Tex.)]

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