Question: General Corporation P O Box 4563 Houston TX 77003 EIN 12 3456789

General Corporation (P.O. Box 4563, Houston, TX 77003; EIN 12-3456789) paid Louise Bryant, an employee who lives at 5471 DeMilo Street, Houston, TX 77052, wages of $24,554 in 2014. The withholding tax for the year amounted to $6,050.40, and the FICA tax withheld was $1,878.38 ($1,522.35 for Social Security and $356.03 for Medicare). Louiseā€™s FICA wages were the same as her total wages. Her Social Security number is 545-64-7745.
a. Complete the following Form W-2 for Louise Bryant from General Corporation.
b. General Corporation also paid $900 to William Russel for presenting a management seminar. William lives at 1455 Cullen Boulevard, Houston, TX 77008, and his Social Security number is 475-45-3226. Complete the following Form 1099-MISC for the payment to William from General Corporation.

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