Question: Geneticists use a grid called a Punnett square to display all

Geneticists use a grid-called a Punnett square to display all possible gene combinations in genetic crosses. (The grid is named for Reginald Punnett, a British geneticist who developed the method in the early 1900s.) The accompanying figure is a Punnett square for a cross involving human earlobes. In humans, free earlobes (E) are dominant over attached earlobes (e). Consequently, the gene pairs EE and Ee will result in free earlobes, while the gene pair ee results in attached earlobes. Consider a couple with genes as shown in the accompanying Punnett square. Suppose the couple has seven children. Let x represent the number of children with attached earlobes (i.e., with the gene pair ee). Find the probability distribution of x.

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