Gerald Brooke Ltd manufactures shirts which it sells to customers for
Gerald/Brooke, Ltd. manufactures shirts, which it sells to customers for embroidering with various slogans and emblems. The standard cost card for the shirts is as follows.

Bobby Brickley, operations manager, was reviewing the results for November when he became upset by the unfavorable variances he was seeing. In an attempt to understand what had happened, Bobby asked CFO Lila Davis for more information. She provided the following overhead budgets, along with the actual results for November.
The company purchased and used 115,000 yards of fabric during the month. Fabric purchases during the month were made at $1.45 per yard. The direct labor payroll ran
$248,050, with an actual hourly rate of $12.10 per direct labor hour. The annual budgets were based on the production of 1,000,000 shirts, using 250,000 direct labor hours. Though the budget for November was based on 80,000 shirts, the company actually produced 82,000 shirts during the month.

a. Calculate the direct materials price and quantity variances for November.
b. Calculate the direct labor rate and efficiency variances for November.
c. Calculate the variable overhead spending and efficiency variances for November.
d. Calculate the fixed overhead spending variance for November.
e. Provide an explanation for each variance you calculated.
f. Which of these variances should Bobby be held responsible for?Why?
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