Question: Ginocera Inc is a designer manufacturer and distributor of low cost

Ginocera Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of low-cost, high-quality stainless steel kitchen knives. A new kitchen knife series called the Kitchen Ninja was released for production in early 2014. In January, the company spent $ 600,000 to develop a late night advertising infomercial for the new product. During 2014, the company spent $ 1,400,000 promoting the product through these infomercials, and $ 800,000 in legal costs. The knives were ready for manufacture on January 1, 2014. Ginocera uses a job order cost system to accumulate costs associated with the kitchen knife. The unit direct materials cost for the knife is:
Hardened steel blanks (used for knife shaft and blade) .... $ 4.00
Wood (for handle) ................... 1.50
Packaging ....................... 0.50
The production process is straightforward. First, the hardened steel blanks, which are purchased directly from a raw material supplier, are stamped into a single piece of metal that includes both the blade and the shaft. The stamping machine requires one hour per 250 knives. After the knife shafts are stamped, they are brought to an assembly area where an employee attaches the handle to the shaft and packs the knife into a decorative box. The direct labor cost is $ 0.50 per unit.
The knives are sold to stores. Each store is given promotional materials, such as post-ers and aisle displays. Promotional materials cost $ 60 per store. In addition, shipping costs average $ 0.20 per knife. Total completed production was 1,200,000 units during the year. Other information is as follows:
Number of customers (stores) ......... 60,000
Number of knives sold ...........1,120,000
Wholesale price (to store) per knife ...... $ 16
Factory overhead cost is applied to jobs at the rate of $ 800 per stamping machine hour after the knife blanks are stamped. There were an additional 25,000 stamped knives, handles, and cases waiting to be assembled on December 31, 2014.

1. Prepare an annual income statement for the Kitchen Ninja knife series, including supporting calculations, from the information above.
2. Determine the balances in the work in process and finished goods inventories for the Kitchen Ninja knife series on December 31, 2014.

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