Glende Motor Company Glende an automobile dealership that sold new
Glende Motor Company (Glende), an automobile dealership that sold new cars, leased premises from certain landlords. One day, fire destroyed part of the leased premises, and Glende restored the leasehold premises. The landlords received payment of insurance proceeds for the fire. Glende sued the landlords to recover the insurance proceeds. Ten days before the trial was to begin, the defendants jointly served on Glende a document titled “Offer to Compromise Before Trial,” which was a settlement offer of $ 190,000. Glende agreed to the amount of the settlement but made it contingent on the execution of a new lease. The next day, the defendants notified Glende that they were revoking the settlement offer. Glende thereafter tried to accept the original settlement offer. Has there been a settlement of the lawsuit? Glende Motor Company v. Superior Court, 159 Cal. App. 3d 389, 205 Cal. Rptr. 682, 1984 Cal. App. Lexis 2435 (Court of Appeal of California)
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