Question: Gloria and Deloria CPAs have recently started their public accounting

Gloria and Deloria, CPAs, have recently started their public accounting firm and intend to provide attestation and a variety of consulting services for their clients, which are all nonpublic. Both Ms. Gloria and Mr. Deloria have particular expertise in designing payroll and other disbursement systems. Ms. Gloria is concerned about whether any of the following services would impair their audit independence.
a. For each of the services in the accompanying table provide a judgment as to whether providing the service would impair attest independence. In all 12 situations, assume that management has designated a management-level individual to be responsible for overseeing the CPA’s services and has established appropriate internal control. Also assume that the client is privately held and does not report to the SEC.
b. Now assume that the 12 services are being contemplated for nonattest clients. Which of the services does the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct prohibit under thisassumption?

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