Question: Go to the book s companion website and use information found 179184

Go to the book’s companion website and use information found there to answer the following questions related to Cadbury and Nestlé.

(a) Based on the information contained in these financial statements, determine each of the following for each company.
(1) Cash used in (for) investing activities during 2008 (from the statement of cash flows).
(2) Cash used for acquisitions and investments in unconsolidated affiliates during 2008.
(3) Total investment in unconsolidated affiliates (or investments and other assets) at the end of 2008.
(4) What conclusions concerning the management of investments can be drawn from these data?
(b) (1) Briefly identify from Cadbury’s December 31, 2008, statement of financial position the investments it reported as being accounted for under the equity method.
(2) What is the amount of investments that Cadbury reported in its 2008 statement of financial position as “cost method investments,” and what is the nature of these investments?

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