Go to the book s companion website and use information found 179216
Go to the book’s companion website and use information found there to answer the following questions related to Cadbury and Nestlé.

(a) What are the amounts of Cadbury’s and Nestlé’s provision for income taxes for the year 2008? Of each company’s 2008 provision for income taxes, what portion is current expense and what portion is deferred expense?
(b) What amount of cash was paid in 2008 for income taxes by Cadbury and by Nestlé?
(c) What was the effective tax rate in 2008 for Cadbury and Nestlé? Why might their effective tax rates differ?
(d) For the year-end 2008, what amounts were reported by Cadbury and Nestlé as (1) gross deferred tax assets and (2) gross deferred tax liabilities?
(e) Do either Cadbury or Nestlé disclose any net operating loss carrybacks and/or carryforwards at year-end 2008? What are the amounts, and when do the carryforwards expire?

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