Question: Go to the Web site for Mednax Inc at www mednax com

Go to the Web site for Mednax, Inc. at Click through the menu tabs for investors, SEC filings, and 10K.
(a) Explain what Mednax does. Who works for Mednax?
(b) Explain its billing collection, and reimbursement activities as described by Mednax.
(c) Who are the third-party payers for Mednax?
(d) Read Item 1A, Risk Factors. Identify risks that you believe are directly related to ICFR. How could a material weakness in ICFR cause any of these risks to affect the financial statements?
(e) Search the 10K document for disclosures on revenue recognition and contractual allowances. How does the company determine what to record? What will the auditor need to investigate or test? Propose appropriate audit procedures.

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