Question: Go to the Web site of a private not for profit organization

Go to the Web site of a private not-for-profit organization such as United Cerebral Palsy (, the American Heart Association (, or Goodwill Industries ( Find the charity’s latest financial statements, which usually can be found by clicking on a button such as “About Our Charity” and then clicking on “Annual Report” or “Audited Financial Statements.” Some financial statements are easy to find while some are quite difficult. Other organizations simply do not include financial statements on their Web sites.

After examining these financial statements, answer the following questions about the private not-forprofit organization:
1. How many different program services were listed? Name each.
2. What percentage of total expenses went to supporting services?
3. Were any contributed services recognized and, if so, for how much?
4. What dollar amount was spent on fund-raising?
5. What was the year-end total for unrestricted net assets, temporarily restricted net assets, and unrestricted net assets?
6. What amount of net assets was reclassified from temporarily restricted to unrestricted net assets this past year because the external restriction had been satisfied?

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