Go to the website of the Salvation Army www salvationarmy ca Answer
Go to the website of the Salvation Army (www.salvationarmy.ca). Answer the following questions based on the 2012 audited financial statements. For each question, indicate where in the financial statements or annual report you found the answer and/or provide a brief explanation. Round percentages to one decimal point and other ratios to two decimal points.
(a) Read the auditor's report. There is a paragraph there that is unique to NFPOs. Explain what message it conveys.
(b) Approximately how much of the organization's fund balances are restricted? What can they be spent on?
(c) How many funds are reported?
(d) Approximately what percentage of the year's revenues was spent on fundraising?
(e) What is its largest single source of revenue?
(f) Has the organization's cash increased or decreased over the past two years? What was a major factor in the change?
(g) Outline what is included in the accounting entity.
(h) Briefly explain the army's amortization policy.
(i) Which method of revenue recognition for contributions is being used?
(j) What is their policy with respect to donated materials and services?
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