Question: Go to www genopro com On the home page perform a search

Go to On the home page, perform a search using the term “examples.” From the list pro-vided, select “Genogram Examples – GenoPro.” Then, select the Tiger Woods example. Study the genogram and prepare for an in- class discussion about how this type of tool might be useful in understanding relation-ships in a forensic accounting engagement. In your preparation, consider the following:
1. Who are Tiger Wood’s mother and father?
2. How many step- brothers does Tiger have?
3. How is Cheyenne Woods related to Tiger?
4. What happened to Earl Wood’s first wife?
5. What year did Tiger marry Elin Nordegren?
6. What does the green line that looks like a railroad track between Earl and Tiger signify?
7. How might this type of diagram facilitate expert witness testimony in the courtroom?

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