Question: Go to www sec gov to search for Oracle Corporation in the

Go to to search for Oracle Corporation in the EDGAR database or go to the Oracle Web site. Find Oracle Corporation’s latest 10-K filing under Investor Relations and SEC Filings.
Answer the following questions about the company:
1. Under Part I, Item 1, how does Oracle categorize its products and services? What are its operating segments?
2. Examine the Revenue Recognition accounting policy in the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements. When does Oracle recognize revenue from new software licenses? For software license updates and product support contracts?
3. Examine Oracle’s balance sheet. Which method of accounting for uncollectible accounts does the company use? How can you tell?
4. Compute Oracle’s allowance for uncollectible accounts as a percentage of trade accounts receivable in the most recent 2 years. What does this tell you about the company’s expectation about possible nonpayment of accounts?

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