Golden Bear Construction operates throughout California The owner Gaylan Beavers
Golden Bear Construction operates throughout California. The owner, Gaylan Beavers, employs 15 work crews. Construction supervisors report directly to Beavers, and the supervisors are trusted employees. The home office staff consists of an accountant and an office manager. Because employee turnover is high in the construction industry, supervisors hire and fire their own crews. Supervisors notify the office of all personnel changes. Also, supervisors forward the employee W-4 forms to the home office. Each Thursday, the supervisors submit weekly time sheets for their crews, and the accountant prepares the payroll. At noon on Friday, the supervisors come to the office to get paychecks for distribution to the workers at 5 pm. The company accountant prepares the payroll, including the paychecks. Beavers signs all paychecks. To verify that each construction worker is a bona fide employee, the accountant matches the employee’s endorsement signature on the back of the canceled paycheck with the signature on that employee’s W- 4 form.

1. Identify one way that a supervisor can defraud Golden Bear Construction under the present system.
2. Discuss a control feature that the company can use to safeguard against the fraud you identified in Requirement 1.

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