Gonzaga University professors conducted a study of over 1,500 television commercials and published their results in the Journal of Sociology, Social Work and Social Welfare (Vol. 2, 2008). Commercials from eight networks—ABC, FAM, FOX, MTV, ESPN, CBS, CNN, and NBC—were sampled during an eight-day period, with one network randomly selected each day. The table below shows the order determined by random draw:
ABC—July 6 (Wed)
FAM—July 7 (Thr)
FOX—July 9 (Sat)
MTV—July 10 (Sun)
ESPN—July 11 (Mon)
CBS—July 12 (Tue)
CNN—July 16 (Sat)
NBC—July 17 (Sun)
a. Determine the number of possible orderings of the net-works over the eight days.
b. What is the probability that ESPN is selected on Monday, July 11th?
c. What is the probability that MTV is selected on a Sunday?

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