Great Harvest Bakery purchased bread ovens from New Morning Bakery. New Morning Bakery was closing its bakery business and sold its two-year-old ovens at a discount for $ 700,000. Great Harvest incurred and paid freight costs of $ 35,000, and its employees ran special electrical connections to the ovens at a cost of $ 5,000. Labor costs were $ 37,800. Unfortunately, one of the ovens was damaged during installation, and repairs cost $ 5,000. Great Harvest then consumed $ 900 of bread dough in testing the ovens. It installed safety guards on the ovens at a cost of $ 1,500 and placed the machines in operation.

1. Prepare a schedule showing the amount at which the ovens should be recorded in Great Harvest’s Equipment account.
2. Indicate where any amounts not included in the Equipment account should be recorded.

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