Question: Gregory Mills lives next to Dean Kimbley Mills kept a

Gregory Mills lives next to Dean Kimbley. Mills kept a journal of Kimbley’s activities, and even videotaped a few of the activities, including Kimbley’s smoking marijuana and standing drunk in his backyard and yelling, “Hi, neighbor!” Kimbley also threw a snowball into Mills’ yard and nearly hit Mills’ girlfriend with it. When Mills listed his property for sale because of the issues with Kimbley, Kimbley sent a pizza delivery man to Mills’ door and told him to offer $125,000 to buy Mills’ home. Kimbley then hired a real estate agent and took a tour of Mills’ home with that real estate agent. Kimbley also drove an ATC onto Mills’ lawn. Is this a nuisance case? Are these the elements of nuisance? Explain why or why not. [Mills v. Kimbley, 909 N.E.2d 1068 (Ind. App.)]

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